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Desarrollos Farmacéuticos Bajo Aragón (Defabar) is a company that specialises in Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) in the pharmaceutical sector.

We develop new products that are innovative both in terms of their composition and the type of pharmaceutical form used.

We strive to achieve the highest quality possible, and as such our suppliers are regularly audited by a highly qualified technical team, that is part of our company.

Defabar is a Pharmaceutical Laboratory that helds the GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices). specialized in research, development and innovation for the pharmaceutical market in the European area. Thanks to our wide catalogue of services, our high-performance equipment and a rigorous system of quality, we can offer effective solutions in time.

We are specialists in the formulation and design of manufacturing processes for medicines and also in the manufacture of medium and small industrial batches; development and validation of analytical methods, and manufacture and supply of the necessary products for clinical development of new medicines.
We are also authorized as food supplement manufacturers.


Latest News

Defabar Has Appointed PharmaPlus- Sudan as its exclusive distributer agent in Middle east and North East Africa Regions.